Ventilation and Heating Installation Melbourne

Melbourne isn’t exactly warm come winter time and if you want to enjoy your home when the cold hits you’ll need a state-of-the-art heating system. There are many great ways to heat your home and Parker Electrical Solutions can design and install a system that suits your space. Every home has different heating and ventilation needs, so call us today to discuss the most cost-effective heating solution for you.

Ventilation isn’t all about heating; we construct ventilation systems for a range of purposes, including: extracting steam from the kitchens and bathrooms, and moving fresh air into a stuffy room. Our qualified electricians are able to install the most suitable fan for each project. An example may be a sweep fan to move cool or warm air around the room, or an exhaust fan to remove unwanted dust or steam with a self-sealing finish.

For an affordable installation quote, please contact our electricians in Melbourne. Call us on 0433 091 600 or complete our contact form now.