Who doesn’t love a man cave?

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A man cave is a great escape for any man looking for personal space. A client recently came to us with a plan to build a 9 x 5 metre shed, divided in half as storage and a charging space for tools, and the other half as a modern entertainment area. The team at Parker Electrical Solutions were happy to help for electrical solution.

This wasn’t a simple job; the man cave was a real project and required extremely detailed work with a massive focus on attention to detail. Before work even began, we worked with our client to create detailed plans that meet his needs in the most practical way. All our designs needed to match architectural and council approved plans. We also needed to ensure that the client’s current switchboard at the main property could handle the increased load of the sheds appliances.

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As the shed was to be completely separate from the main house, and to be built on a concrete slab, all wiring needed to be placed at least 600mm underground. This required detailed excavation, which we did while minimising the affects to the clients turf.

The man cave was made to look simple and clean, with downlights installed in a hanging cable tray, a flat-screen TV installed from the wall, and all wires hidden in the wall cavities.

Keeping the clean finish came with its own challenges. Due to the soundproofing insulation in all the walls,

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Our electrical installation needed to be fireproof. This is why fireproof boxes and shrouds were installed on all points. As the shed is made of steel, there is no access to the roof space or internal wall cavities, so all cables and points had to be measured and installed prior to the plaster going on the wall. To ensure no cables where missed, we marked the floor with crayons and spray paint where we could, as well as making notes on the given plan to where cables were.

The end result of our build was a proper “man cave” with a TV on the wall for the footy, downlights that dimmed to set the mood and an electric heater on the wall to warm up the cold nights. The shed has 5 power points installed on each wall, and 2 above the work bench, to allow ease of use with power tools. The two fluorescent lights overhead will allow our client to work all night.

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